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Alex Battalaan 51

A future garden

(Alleen beschikbaar in het engels)

I felt a bit like a botanist as I picked my way carefully through Han Rameckers studio, guided by the artist. He pointed out what were intended as finished works. Either they had already found fertile ground, or they leaned or hanged on a wall. It seemed as if improvisation was the norm - as if a butterfly could suddenly emerge. His atelier reminded me of a field scattered with flowers. I was impressed.

Later, Rameckers decided which works could be exhibited together. There might even be more, we hoped.

Rameckers surprised me. As a professional artist, he knows he needs a child’s innocence. He must first surprise himself. A piece might be a lucky find, and for us a work of art.

Man is probably the only species that can read meaning into lifeless/abstract forms. For the last hundred years, the art world seems to have been the testing ground for this. And Rameckers knows how to translate.

Since the Big Bang, nature has been ever moving to the next New. And so too, for a quite a while, has man. We have recently grown aware that man’s New has taken over from nature. Will that last long?

In this exhibition, we will see Rameckers arrange a future garden for us. 


Mathieu Bruls architect